Why you need to get a NAS yesterday

I seriously regret not having got a NAS (Network Attached Storage) sooner.

I just got the DNS-321 NAS (made by D-Link) and throug h some links, I was able to install fun_plug which adds a lot of functionality to this box. It works as an iTunes device, FTP server, HTTP server (with fun_plug) and also allows you to install its custom Bittorrent software. However, with the fun_plug installed, you can install the popular (Mac) Transmission client which you manage with the web interface. There are several scripts and guides that help you through the process and I customized some of the scripts to meet my needs. It was fun to hack away via SSH (yes – geeks get excited by such simple or not-so-simple tasks) and I got to use the vi editor which I probably haven’t used since my Computer Science classes back at the University of Minnesota.

So here are the reasons you need to get a NAS:

  1. Space, Space and more space (I can pretty cheaply throw in 2 1TB drives or 2 1.5TB drives compared to the 800GB in my desktop)
  2. Low Power Consumption (all about going green and cutting down the electricity bill)
  3. No need to buy CD/DVDs to burn data onto
  4. Use for TimeMachine backups or other data backups
  5. Can set it up to use RAID for additional protection
  6. Uses ext2 or ext3 for the filesystem
  7. Looks neat and takes less space
  8. Hardwired to the network, thereby cutting down network interference (at least on one leg if you are viewing media wirelessly)
  9. Space – did I mention that already??

I currently have my PS3 and NAS both hooked up to the same router and don’t encounter any of the buffering issues I had earlier when I was streaming media off my desktop’s hard drive (The desktop connected wirelessly to my router). Coming to think of it, I got a wireless router mainly for my desktop to help reduce the network issues I was having and this could have saved me $60 back in the day.

Now, that you know this – what are you waiting for? Go get one if you don’t have one already. In the long-run, I am positive this will save me some money.

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ThinkTank (formerly Twitalytics)

After several frustrated attempts I finally installed ThinkTank on my other site and I also tweaked the Wiki for Dreamhost. There are some changes, that I’d like to make to the code since a lot of the URLs were broken because of the installation method (probably) and I have created a GitHub fork and will hopefully find some time in the next couple of months to make changes and submit a Pull Request.

What prompted me to get on this was Anil Dash‘s post on how no-one has a million followers (which I absolutely agree with).


P.S. I am allowing registration for the time being for others who want to analyze their data but I might have to shut it down if it gets overwhelmed.

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How to allow Thunderbird/Postbox show HTML portion in multipart emails

I recently switched over to Postbox as my primary work email client and I noticed that some of the emails that I received in HTML earlier were now coming through as Plain text. I checked the “View” options and despite switching between “Original HTML”, “Simple HTML” & “Plain Text” – it still only showed the plain-text mime type.

These are from emails generated on a Coldfusion server. Some research revealed that this is because in the multipart emails, I was sending the HTML portion above the plain text portion and upon switching it, the emails look just fine. Thunderbird (and its cousin Postbox) just display the last alternative in the email. I did a massive find and replace but it looks like there were only few instances where we had the HTML portion above the text portion

On a side note: If Thunderbird and these OSS websites had Twitter accounts, I would have pinged them about this bug but its too much of a pain to dig through Bugzilla to file this as a bug.

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