IE6 PNG Fix finally works

I know IE6 is ancient but there are a still a lot of folks that still use these outdated browsers and the PNG issue was affecting the design of one of my sites. I had tried almost every PNG fix out there and finally decided to give up and let the trapped IE6 users suffer the fate of their choice. However, it still bothered me that there wasn’t a good solution for it. I finally decided to give a JavaScript solution hosted at a try and although it worked, as the disclaimer warned – it didn’t support background positioning or background-repeat. I was using background positioning and this messed up my design. I did one more search on google before I decided to give up and stumbled upon my earlier tested IE-PNG fix website. But this time, I stumbled across the “beta” version of IE-PNG fix which stated that it supported background-positioning. Excitedly, I downloaded it and gave it a shot and within 5 minutes, I have a perfect website in IE6. Now, I can finally sleep in peace. And it’s about time!

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