Spot the difference… Luthor Mansion and X-Men Mansion

Can anyone spot the difference between the mansion used in the “X-Men III: The Last Stand” and the Luther Mansion in Smallville (which also happens to be the same mansion being used in Superman V)?

X-Men Mansion:

Luthor Mansion (Smallville & Superman v)

…and yes, i am a fan of X-Men, Smallville, Spider-Man, Superman and most super hero movies.

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Preview Google’s new search interface…

Welcome Diggers!

Many Digg users have posted Flickr‘s of Google beta interface with links on the left side. If you want to view this interface and are a Firefox (the extensible browser) user, here’s how to do it thanks to Salvatore Aranzulla in Italian.

Ingredients: Firefox Add ‘N Edit Cookies

Now either go to Edit the "Content" value for the cookie for named "PREF" or if one doesn’t exist, create a cookie as follows
Name: PREF
Content: ID=fb7740f107311e46:TM=1142683332:LM=1142683332:S=fNSw6ljXTzvL3dWu


For all the skeptics here’s proof:
After editing the cookie

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