Just In! Hot off the press! Google Stock Hits 400!

… well almost.

My prediction this morning was that google’s stock would hit an all-time high of $400 with the working public release of google base. Sadly, i was wrong – it only reached its all-time high of $398.85 . But in the after-hours trading, the stock has reached $399.99 . So hopefully sometime this week it will peak above $400 which will give them good publicity and then by Friday it should go below $400 again.

My new motto: Don’t be a fool, be a stock rider! Or stock surfer… whatever you want to call it. Gain on the high tides and dont lose on the low tides. Get a 5% interest rate in a day or a week rather than waiting for an year for a 3.5% interest rate. Unless of course, you invest in real estate in Florida.

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