The Interpreter

I watched “The Interpreter” yesterday. I liked this movie even if it was slightly boring. The reason I liked it was because I am familiar with African politics and therefore could associate with it personally.

Even though the movie referred to a fictional country – Matoba that *might* be Zimbabwe, it was pretty close to Zambian polictical instability. But we havent had any genocides in Zambia. I think I would have preferred Charlize Theron instead of Nicole Kidman in the movie, since she grew up in South Africa. But then people would probably assume the fictional country was South Africa and that would have probably created more problems for her family in South Africa. Its just a movie after all.

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Having trouble starting SQL service with dot net ( dotnet / .net) SDK ?

After installing SQL MSDE with VisualStudio .NET and restarting the computer, I had trouble starting the SQL service agent after trying ‘localhost’ and ’′ since it kept saying that the instance name was not valid. I finally figured out that it was because I had specified an instance name – ‘NETSDK’. So, to start the service I needed to specify ’\NetSDK’.

This shows the command line arguments to use to install MSDE:

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have you been to today?

Do you know what the Slashdot effect or slashdotted means?

The Slashdot effect is a particular example of how a popular website can cause a smaller site to slow down or even temporarily close after causing a great increase in the number of visitors going to the smaller site. The huge influx of web traffic is a result of it being mentioned on Slashdot, a popular technology news and information site. Typically, less robust sites are unable to cope with the huge increase in traffic and become unavailable – either their bandwidth is consumed or their servers are unable to cope with the high strain.

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