Who Am I?

I am an “Ammachen” (= uncle = mom’s brother) now. Thats right, my sis gave birth to a handsome baby boy this morning in India. Its great to be an uncle…

I cant wait to see my nephew!! (son of Joseph and Mary Chandy.. well actually they are Chandy Joseph and Mary Chandy)
I wonder what they will name him. This must be the first time i am referring to my sister as Mary Chandy (previously Mary Eapen).

this is uncle eapen… signing off…

Update (3/23/2005):
Here is my handsome baby nephew’s picture:
Baby Nephew - Jacob Chandy
(Click the image to see a larger version.)

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To Geek or Not to Geek

I just did something in TRUE geek fashion today and I am feeling quite proud of it. :D

In other good news today, i heard some shocking and wickedly pleasing inside info from my buddy Cherian as well. GGGRINNN

You might have noticed that I changed the skin/theme of my blog again… exactly one month from the last update. I like the current theme, because it allows you to increase or decrease the size of the text and also allows you to change the alignment of the text. I was playing around with it and its possible to make the text disappear if you keep shrinking it. So you can see an image only blog (for the most part). If you keep increasing the text size (i didnt go to the maximum…), it makes the images look very small but it also gets quite difficult to read.

I do plan on customizing this theme further and sticking with it.

I also cooked my first vegeterian dish today … channa masala (chickpeas) … it looks pretty good, but thats because the burnt part is at the very bottom and probably still stuck to the pot. Not bad for an ‘experimenter’ who gets emailed recipes from his mother, huh?


i guess i could have used this recipe as well… http://www.pachakam.com/recipe.asp?id=973. The title of that page is funny and apt – ‘Bachelor channa masala’.

Garbanzo beans – 1 can
Ginger paste – 1 spoon
Garlic paste – 1 spoon
Onions – 2
Coriander Powder- 4 spoons
Masala Powder – 4 spoons
Chilli powder – 1 spoon
Salt – 1 spoon
Tomatos – 2

Preparation Method
Don`t waste time boiling channa anymore. Try the canned Garbanzo beans that
you get in any US grocery store. Believe me, its tastier!

In a pan, heat oil, add Ginger and Garlic paste and stir till brown. Add
chopped onions and stir till onion is cooked. Now add Coriander powder and
masala powder and stir till the smell of masala powder comes out. To this
add chopped tomatos, chilli powder and stir well till tomato blends. To this
empty the entire canned Garbazo beans (with its fluid). Add salt and stir
well (The canned channa cooks in no time). You may add more water of

Well time to eat…

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301 Redirect

301 Redirect I finally added the much needed 301 redirect to the old UofM website. So now the search engines (google, google and google) should start showing the correct URL for the search results.

If you didnt already know how to do that, here is a HOWTO for servers that run on Apache and use the .htaccess file :
1. Create a text file htaccess.txt
2. Enter the following:
To redirect a folder
(eg: http://tc.umn.edu/~eape0004/ to http://eapen.byteverse.com/blog)
redirect 301 /~eape0004/ http://eapen.byteverse.com/blog/

To redirect a site
(eg: http://www.sample.com/ to http://eapen.byteverse.com/blog)
redirect 301 / http://eapen.byteverse.com/blog/

To redirect a single page
(eg: http://tc.umn.edu/~eape0004/old.htm to http://eapen.byteverse.com/blog/index.php)
redirect 301 /~eape0004/old.htm http://eapen.byteverse.com/blog/index.php
and so on…

3. Upload the file ‘htaccess.txt‘ to the correct directory and rename it from ‘htaccess.txt’ to ‘.htaccess‘ .

And Voilá!

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Chipotle is finally here

Chipotle has finally opened a restaurant in Tampa and I can’t wait to go check it out.



They are open from 10:45am to 10:00pm. Sadly enough, I only start feeling hungry at midnight.

I have also seen a billboard that said that a Chipotle is also going to be opening in St. Pete which will be really close to work. Yessss!! (as napoleon dynamite would say)

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