Review of Logitech Harmony 680

I just got my Logitech Harmony 680 remote and its awesome!!!

Here’s my review on it:

Logitech Harmony 680 remote


I got this remote and am already in love with it. Its got a nice display and you can configure which options you want to display on the screen. You can customize every button to a new function. This also works with XBMC (xbox media center). Also works with the XIR (for the xbox).

It has a superb learning feature, where you just point another remote to the back of this remote to teach it a new IR code and accordingly configure a new option.

The harmony database didnt have all the inputs for my TV, but you are able to adjust and add more inputs. If it sets it to the wrong channel, you just need to press a very intuitive Help button which asks you questions step by step to resolve the issue.

The glow is really helpful. You can configure actions to be performed when you switch to another activity or when the activity starts or stops. This is quite hard to understand unless you actually use the remote. With my Xbox, i have it configured to turn it on and then in the same single activity, i have it configured to wait for 10 seconds and then press the Right button to navigate to the right by the time the Xbox has started.

now i just need to get more IR devices to turn my lights on and off so i can configure my lights to turn on when i start the “Watch DVD” activity.

And another awesome feature that i liked was that you can select your favorite channels and then download the TV schedules for those channels for upto 20 days. the greater the time period the longer it will take to update, but i have selected an optimal 7 days and with the USB connection, its a breeze to update the database once a week. So, after i select the Watch TV activity, i press the Media button and it shows the current TV schedule. it will also show the channel names if you want to see that. navigate to the show you want to watch and click OK and it will switch to that channel. you can scroll to the right or left to watch previous or next tv shows.

This works for cable as well as local broadcast channels.

Get this… you wont regret it. i just wish they had one in black…

My reviews on the Sipura 3000 and setting up the BYOD with is coming soon.

Also coming soon is my review on the Sony Vaio VGN-B100B…


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Sweet New Interface and Sweeter New Laptop!


Thats my one word summary for this sweet new interface thanks to wordpress and kubrick!

I just got my super cool new sony vaio VGN-B100B Centrino laptop loaded with a Gig of RAM and an awesome 1400×1050 SXGA screen.

still busy customizing it and stuff.. and tomorrow’s a holiday!

I do plan on tweaking the interface further.. so do come back soon.

Popularity: 5% [?]