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I am re-designing my blog using WordPress so that I can entirely host it on my own and carry the data in my own database which will help for portability before it grows any larger. I will be adding images as I get time. I like the features of WordPress a lot. If you have PHP on your site, you should give WordPress a shot. Highly Recommended!! (thats the most common feedback for sellers and buyers on eBay)

If you prefer the older design of the blog, click here. I finally figured out why I had broken links in it and have fixed it.

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Tsunami Relief Funds

The death toll of the tsunami attack is approaching 80’000 and could easily reach 100’000 at the rate at which is going. Lets just hope and pray that there are no deaths from the epidemics caused by it.

This has to be the most tragic and unfortunate incident EVER. This is like 0.00167% (1/60,000 = 100,000/6,000,000,000) of the world population, which is a very significant amount! Lots of websites, such as, and have links to donation pages on their front page. For stores that live on marketing like Amazon, that is a very generous. So, I was just observing the donations on the amazon webpage in the morning and i was refreshing the page almost every second and the donations were increasing by almost $1000 each second. On an average each person had contributed $55. There were almost donations for $1.5 million in the morning and in the evening it was close to $2.5 million. A lot of people might have sent larger amounts since it was the end of the year and was for a good cause as well as a tax write-off, but either way, money is money and it all counts towards the good cause.

I am just curious if amazon is using their honor system and taking 2.9% + $0.30 cents per transaction, in which case they have made $72,500. This may or may not cover their advertising charges and loss from not being able to advertise on their home page.

If you have made your way here, you probably already know where to go to make donations, if not click here.

And for those who don’t want to make monetary donations, please read the following which is quoted from a mail forwarded from one of my friends:

“As for non-monetary contributions, the following items are urgently needed
in TN:
1. aluminium cooking utensils
2. kerosene stoves
3. Bed rolls/bed sheets
4. clothes
5. basic medicines such as crocin, dettol etc.
6. shawls
7. blankets
8. drinking water in packets or bottles
9. note books, pencils, writing materials for children
10. disposable syringes

If you have any of this donate, please put them together and parcel to: -

Mr S. Rajkumar
Additional Private Secretary to the Minister (Mani Shanker Aiyer)
2 Avaiyambalpuram
Tamil Nadu – 609 001

This contribution will go directly to the people affected since the people
administering it, are trustworthy and for sure, this will aid those badly

Please put in a covering letter listing out what you are enclosing and send
it off.

Please send this out to various people you know and who would help. Groups
of people can put things together and send this along in separate parcels.

Just checked that the postal system is working well. The money you pay to
the postal department for parcelling would be your monetary help, and the
trouble you may have to take to get it parcelled will be your personal
physical contribution to the cause!”

Everyone, please be generous, we could have been there, unwarned and possibly missing right now. I just fell down today and hurt my arm and the first thought that went through my mind was how I was gonna work with a broken right hand. I can’t even imagine what is going through the minds of the survivors and the families of the missing…

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Gmail Funnies

I am bored, so I am gonna bore you by telling you something that you can find out for yourself.

These are the messages shown when you click the different empty folders in gmail:

Inbox: No new mail! There’s always Google News if you’re looking for something to read.
Starred: No starred messages. Stars let you give messages a special status to make them easier to find. To star a message, click on the light blue star beside any message or conversation.
Sent: No sent messages! Send one now!
Drafts: You don’t have any saved drafts.
Saving a draft allows you to keep a message you aren’t ready to send yet.
All Mails: You don’t have any mail! Our servers are feeling unloved.
Spam: Hooray, no spam here!
Trash: No conversations in the trash. Who needs to delete when you have 1000 MB of storage?!

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Worming into Apple

There was an interesting article on Wired about a programmer who used to sneak into Apple after getting laid off to finish his Graphing Calculator Project, which is now included in around 20 million machines!!

After several magazines refused to publish his article, he finally published it on his own company’s website Pacific Tech

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