Rocket Club

While i am uploading pictures, let me also throw in the picture of our rocket club.

The members are from Left to Right and Top to Bottom:
Peter Eapen Brian
Jack and Jett

Rocket Club Members

Its a lot of fun and we think the adults have more fun that the kids.

Here are two pictures of the rocket just before taking off and immediately after which i got with my Nokia 3650.

Rocket Club

Rocket Club

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Wedding Pictures (of my brother-in-law and sister = Aliyan and Akka)

Ok.. after much delay and nearly 5 months after the wedding (January 4th, 2004), I finally found time this long weekend (Memorial Day weekend) to scan and upload pictures of my sis and aliyan.

The first pic is of my aliyan and sis (like you needed me to explain that)
Aliyan and Akka

and the second pic is of both our families (my aliyan’s sisters and families are not in it though)
Both Families

They are on their way to Zambia via Kuwait now.

Have a safe and great trip!

By the way, another great picture (in a different context) is Shrek 2.

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