Day of Games and Rest

Prince of Persia
Aaahhh… nothing like the satisfaction of finishing a game. I just finished Prince of Persia on the xbox and it was great. Love the plot as well. Logic, timing and killing.. what more can you ask for. i almost gave up the game in the beginning when i had to jump between the walls, but i guess it paid to practise. The Indian princess and indian tunes were also motivation to go on.. ;)

Farah Face


I also watched Prince of Egypt just now and it showed a side i hadnt seen before. Like how Moses would have found it difficult to revolt against the people who brought him up. Also whenever I have heard about how the water separated so that the Hebrews could go through it, i always thought that was smooth and it would be fun walking on the sand, but in the movie, the people had to walk through and climb over rocks since obviously there are rocks at the bottom of the water. Anyway i found that pretty amusing.

Also, i will be putting up pics from my sis’s wedding online very soon. I had such a great time at the wedding and love my “aliyan” (malayalam from brother-in-law) too..

That’s it for now …

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