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How to Fix your MBR (Master Boot Record)

I have installed linux several times and then got fed up with it or found the need for space and just formatted the drive and got rid of linux but still had the linux lilo boot up screen. While trying to find out how to get rid of it and restore the windows MBR, i used to have so much trouble and even searches in google didnt help. Obviously, I tried to do the “fixmbr” command and using the recovery console of Windows XP but that was of no use and once i had a bigger problem. I dont remember exactly what it was, but i believe it used to ask me for an admin password whereas i didnt have one. So i tried everything but it wouldnt let me go on without entering a password either. It was that time of the year that I had to reinstall my OS but i couldnt boot back in and yet i needed to back up the data on my C drive. So here’s what i did:

Just put in the windows xp installation cd and chose to install xp. you can install it on the same drive or another safe drive. i chose the same drive but in another folder. so it goes through the first process and copies the necessary files and boots up before it really starts installing the files. at that point i took the cd out and cancelled the installation. it had cleared my MBR and put the windows MBR backup with the options to boot from the existing windows installation or the one i was about to start with. so i chose the existing one and once inside windows, just edited the file that gives the boot up options to not show the second one. If this turns out to be useful for anyone kindly let me know.

Microsoft’s greatest tool!
Another feature about this msconfig.exe that can be found in the system folder of windows xp is that it can be used in windows 2000. thats right, just copy the file to windows 2000 and it can be run just the same way. this is the best software to find out if any virus or trojan or something boots up along with your start up of windows. if you find any suspicious entries, uncheck it and it shouldnt log in on the next start up. an example of when this comes in handy is if you have a virus running and try to terminate it with CTRL-ALT-DEL and it doesnt terminate or starts right up again, just look in the msconfig – startup tab and uncheck it if it exists. (sometimes, some other program may exist there and call the virus file to run)
now restart the computer and go ahead and delete the sucker once and for all and make sure to clean out all files. restart your computer again and make sure it hasnt created another entry. one clever trick that i saw the other day was how this guy had a virus running and in the MSCONFIG it showed, SVCH0ST to be running and from the registry it was pointing to C:\windows\system32\SVCH0ST.EXE .Now SVCHOST.EXE is a valid and required windows file and hence one would not go ahead and delete that entry. But as many of you may have noticed, the entry was SVCH0ST with a 0 (as in the number ZERO) and not and O (as in the letter in ZERO).

So always keep your eyes open and trust noone or no software, unless i release some ;)

If any of you follow any of the instructions above or below this line or anywhere that I have posted, please note that you are doing this at your own risk. It has worked well for me, but it may not work on your computer, or you may not be following it correctly or i may have missed some steps since i am writing things that i had been planning on writing months ago. So please dont abuse/accuse me if something gets messed up. If you still wanna go ahead, be my guest and good luck. If you have any questions or clarifications, send me an email.

This IS my last post for the day/night.

.::Know Your Kernel::.

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Sooner than I thought…

Didnt take me too long to make this post..

Having done a reinstall of my OS just this weekend (which is a habit everyone should get used to every 2 or 3 months), here is a bunch of windows software that i think you should have

*7-zip for all ur zipping and unzipping needs (no pun intended)
It can handle all kinds of formats: rar, zip, tar etc.. (not .ace extensions though)
*Maxthon (formerly MyIE2) – this is the greatest browser.. Update (12/29/2004): Mozilla FireFox is betterits IE the way I have dreamt it to be, but a reality. Allows drag and drop (the only negative point about this is that it is a feature you get so used to, you will be handicapped without it on other computers). It blocks pop ups and even if it runs on IE, it prevents a lot of the IE exploiting bugs and spam bots from making itself a part of the browser every now and then. Has some great plugins and tonnes of other features. You have to use it to believe it.
*Firefox (formerly Firebird / Phoenix) or Mozilla- Its always good to have another browser
*VLC Media Player – A great media player which handles all kinds of formats and plays several files that you cannot play in other players.
*WMP 9 – Windows Media Player 9 is much better than the previous versions of the same.
*FileZilla – If you ever FTP.
*Update (12/29/2004): Dead or close to useless Kazaa Lyte – a little hard to find but google always comes to the rescue. or if not look at what they are not supposed to display here
*FlashGet – Download manager. Has ads, but still a great product.
*iTunes – Plays music and categorizes it really well and also allows you to back up and rip your audio CDs and also burn them onto CDs. What more can you ask for? Winamp 5 requires you to buy the Pro version for encoding and burning.
*LanSpeed2 – Not necessary but helpful to monitor any traffic that is using a LAN adapter. (logs how much data you transfer etc.. almost as good as DUmeter which you have to pay for)

Ok thats what I recommend.. now in the more expensive section, or stuff that you have to pay for, here is a bunch of really useful software..
Outlook 2003, its really great. I disliked the previous versions of outlook and preferred mozilla to it, but this version is really cool and not just for the GUI but for the spam filters and the preview pane and how it does what it is supposed to do and doesnt give all those nasty errors about how it failed to connect to the server even when you ask it not to be displayed.
The only flaw is that they only have F9 as the Send/Receive shortcut which causes many to stretch out their hand and hit the F9 key and not just use the left hand. If you would like to use your left hand follow the following instructions to set Alt-R as the Send/Receive shortcut:

Go to Tools> Customize > Rearrange commands

Select the “Toolbar” radiobutton

Hit “Add” and in the categories choose “Tools” and in the commands “Send/Receive All”.

Now you may want to move it down to wherever you want it to appear on the toolbar.

With the “Send/Receive All” still highlighted, select Modify Selection
and where it says

Name: Send/Receive &All

Change it to

Send/&Receive All

Now scroll up to the “Reply” toolbar button and click “Modify Selection”
and in its name change it from

Thats it!

Note: The & -> is used for deciding the Alt + letter combination, so you can change it around to whatever other letter you want, but watch out for collisions….

You can also change the “Send/Receive &All” to “&Refresh”

If you prefer not to pay for it, just use Mozilla Mail or ThunderBird, which is good too.

For CD burning use Nero.

If you want to create images of your installation to make restoring easier at a later time, just use Acronis True Image. Its really great. I have had some hard times with power quest’s imaging software but Acronis is really great and it has a GUI which detects the mouse and touch pad mouse of a laptop when it boots up with that to reinstall an image.

I just recently discovered the benefits of news readers from a co-worker and its great. He recommeded XNews and QuickPar and gave me a quick lesson on how to use it and I really like it. You dont get fake files with newsgroups. If anyone ever does read this and wants a short how-to guide email and let me know.

I also got the XBOX and have been really busy with it. It is serving more purposes than just playing DVD and games. To see the real power of an xbox go to www.xbox-scene.com .

Coming soon…”How to fix MBR” after it gets messed up with the installation of linux and an unclean uninstall or if you format your linux drive from windows and still have the linux boot up with invalid entries.

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Dravid Da Man

Where have I been???

Well anyway, I decided it was time to blog again.. with Dravid having led India to a great victory with his brilliant double century, two brilliant catches and a superb second innings knock, India kicked some kangaroo ass (animal rights ppl and others: no offense meant)

wish i could have seen this game, but for now I am content with the following highlight URL’s hosted by Australia’s Nine News:
(links dead now – 12/29/2004)


Congrats Dravid!!

Here’s a good article:


In other news tonight:
My sis’s wedding is coming up and I will be going to India to eat all the food :)

For the knowledge of all culturally curious people, it is an arranged marriage but not a forced one as many people like to imagine. They met and liked each other and told their respective parents that they were cool with it and everything is working out well…

Christmas is coming too…but my christmas won’t be the best I have had since I will be travelling and waiting at the airports and carrying all my luggage.. but it will be worth it.

Did I mention that I got a medal of honor… yeah, a real one … not from eBay…

My buddy Brian who was in the army gave it to me.. what are friends for right ;)
Well I will be posting some pics soon of the good times in Florida.

I will be adding some tips and tricks to the blogger soon.

Until next time…

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