What a day

After FOREVER, I finally got my car… hooray.. a ’97 Honda Civic HX stick shift with a V-TEC engine.. and then i got my insurance and then i heard my apartment was ready and then got my electricity running and then got my car tag and title changed and then finally started my new job at iDimension.

but whoops.. i forgot to get my apartment key… but that can wait till tomorrow…

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More Mallus…

well well well.. guess what.. yesterday i met a mallu – Fahadh – son of famous Malayalam director Fazil who is studying in Miami and today a Tampa malayalee – Sunil signed my guestbook.

Isnt it great to have mallus around?

And Fahadh.. you can expect to see me in Miami pretty soon man.. and for those of you who didnt know at 20, Fahadh has already acted in a Malayalam movie… Khaii Ethum Dhurathu.. (malayalam for “Arm’s Length Away”)

Popularity: 5% [?]