iPod Rulz!!

First Entry in my blog

COOL!! I just got my new toy. Well to be more specific I got the second generation iPod earlier and messed around with it, obviously without reading the manual. So I got a replacement and this time read a few pages of the manual and now have my iPod for PC (20GB) kicking.

Its really nice… still gotta play a lot more with it. Well if anyone comes across the “Do not Disconnect” message, have no fear. I kept waiting and waiting for the message to quit and then figured out that , that was the way it should be. When it says “Do Not Disconnect” it means that the iPod is ready to accept music. So use XPlay or the ipod plugin for MusicMatch and put all your songs. Oh and by the way, that “Do not steal music” is pretty intimidating. Well just be sure to put mp3s of songs that you own on CDs or to buy them.

I am debating whether to get the iSkin or not. Preferably the Glowing – Electra one.

I am also trying put the contacts in and it is irritating to note that Outlook Express doesnt let you export all your contacts at one go and you have to do them one by one. Oh well I can deal with that..

For other news… Omer and I bought a domain… thats right.. www.ByteVerse.com , coz coding just flows out for us so smoothly. So now my email address is eapen@byteverse.com

Well our website is still being constructed and you can expect my reviews on toys/ gadgets / software coming on it soon.

Until next time…

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